If The Democrats Do It, Then It’s Not Illegal

Because it would be just CRAZY to assume that the Obama Administration would do something illegal. Senate probe: Obama administration funded efforts to unseat Netanyahu.

After Benjamin Netanyahu staged a surprise win in Israel’s national election sixteen months ago, questions began emerging about whether the Obama administration attempted to intervene on behalf of his opponents. Almost immediately afterward, an American pollster who worked with Netanyahu’s Likud in the election accused the State Department of indirectly funding the “V15” campaign that backed his opponent. Despite denials from State that they had funded V15 through an American organization named OneVoice, a Senate investigation found that’s exactly what happened:

Oh, and it seems that the Obama State Department didn’t keep the emails, so the “investigation” was stalled. As Joel says (see the hat tip reference below)

Amazing how often that happens – and how often it works.

(Hat tip to The Ultimate Answer to Kings and Hey, remember that time the American government interfered with a foreign election?)

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