Saturday Links

Victory Girls started the week with a bit of history. Armistice Remembrance at the National WWI Museum.

Playing G.I. Joe at Tactical Fantasy Camp? David Yamane takes a shoothouse course, and explains why the helmets and vests are necessary.

Ace of Spades had post a on the Jim Acosta accosting kerfuffle. Shocker: The Cucks Come Out to Defend Acosta.

Adaptive Curmudgeon had a post detailing some of the truly insane things that we, as a country, have survived. This Post Has No Politics. These insane things include Zima.

Question: How much sugar can you cram into an alcoholic beverage

(Some of the music videos are probably NSFW.)

Hooligan Libertarian says End government; improve health

They believe politics, of a particular sort, is making them sick. If so, it’s because they have chosen to get sick over politics.

The Other McCain has a post on Tallahassee. Another ‘Incel’ Weirdo: Tallahassee Shooter Was Public School Teacher. Was a graduate of a teaching school really “right-wing?” or is that the bias of the press?

Pirate’s Cove wins Juxtaposition of the week with a post Bummer: Schwarzenegger Says Warmists Doing Terrible Job Of Selling Their Cult, Er, Concerns. That post is coupled with a picture of Arnie driving his Humvee.

Finally, a bit of a cheat with a post from a week ago yesterday, from Blue Collar Prepping. Dead Reckoning? or Lost in the Woods? There is a short video about getting home after a SHTF event, but by staying off roads. (That’s where you might meet bands of roving bad guys.)

Enjoy your weekend.

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