Saturday Links

The Other McCain starts us off with the second-most face-palm worthy story of the week. Mississippi Elects First Female Senator, Liberal Media Blame Racism.

The Pirate’s Cove has a story about what the people on the Left really believe when it comes to minorities. Study: White Liberals Dumb Themselves Down When Talking To Blacks.

Also from the Pirate’s Cove, MSNBC slips up and admits that it isn’t about asylum. Narrative Fail: MSNBC Exposes That Migrants Are Mostly Male And Not Seeking Asylum.

Borepatch has a story about the state-of-the-art in science. (It isn’t good!) Science as practiced today is very sick. (Here’s a link to an old Post of mine on the same subject.)

Chicks on the Right have the most face-palm worthy story of the week, about “arming” students and teachers with hockey pucks. Someone Needs To Tell This University You Don’t Bring A HOCKEY PUCK To A Gun Fight.

Victory Girls has a post about unmitigated hubris and arrogance. Obama Claims He Built The U.S. Oil Boom [VIDEO].

Watts Up With That has a story about government planning the economy. Failed Oregon Solar Equipment Plant Leaves Behind Millions in Taxpayer Losses. Wait, you mean manufacturing solar panels can cause pollution? “I’m very disappointed!”

Kent over at Hooligan Libertarian has some thoughts on not taking responsibility for your own (or your kids) actions. Because you won’t have to pay! “Not my problem. It’s socialized!”

Moonbattery had the first post (that I saw anyway) on the Marc Lamont kerfuffle. CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Calls for Violence Against Israelis

90 Miles From Tyranny takes a look at the toxic impact of Identity Politics. Here’s Why Identity Politics Threaten America.

The Rio Norte Line laments how everything in life has been dumbed-down. Life Isn’t Complex Enough.


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