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A collection of post that I found interesting. I hope you find them interesting as well.

Chicks on the Right – CNN Anchors Wonder: Did Trump Say ‘Bye-Bye’ Or ‘Buh-Bye’? This passes for “news” and cutting-edge investigative journalism in the 21st Century.

Stately McDaniel Manor – Education: Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings….

Gates of Vienna – Brazil Withdraws From the UN Migration Pact.

Claire Wolfe of Living Freedom Blog – A Sunday afternoon (not) at the movies

The idea of supporting, even in a small way, elitists who’d rather see We the Peasants dead than armed, bigots who increasingly believe that free speech (ours, not theirs) must be curbed, and Ancien Régime aristocrats who believe that we are evil — and disposable!

Knuckledraggin My Life Away – South Dakota, Iowa add firearm safety courses to middle school curriculum. Liberal Heads will start exploding in 3, 2, 1…

DC Whispers – The Heartbreaking Photo The Open Borders Globalists Don’t Want You To See: RIP Corporal Ronil Singh.

Tam at View From The Porch – Penetrating Facts.

According to Hoyt – The Crazy is Infectious.

Pirate’s Cove – NY Times Blames Trump For Illegals Storming The Border Or Something.

Doug Ross – MUELLER, ROSENSTEIN AND #SPYGATE: The Guilty Go Unpunished Because They are Elites. And You Are Not..

The Other McCain – Media’s Anti-White Bias Makes Houston Drive-By Shooting National News. The media screaming about whites killing blacks, when it was really a black-on-black drive-by. So was this “fake news” or just incompetence. (There is a difference.)

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