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OK so the majority of links are on the Covington Catholic dust-up and the insanity that is Media in America, it has been on my mind.

DC Whispers – Two-Time Obama Voter Denounces Today’s Fascist Democrats After Fake News Attack On Catholic School Kids.

And when they finally came for an innocent kid from Kentucky, one who was likely on the trip of a lifetime from his small town and now could have a lifetime of ridicule over “fake news”, I decided I was not going to stay silent any longer. I was going to say something.

Pirate’s Cove – Media Engaging In “Weaponizing Of Speculation”.

Ninety Miles from Tyranny – Germans build monument to migrant murder, rape and crime in front of chancellery.

Citizens staged an astonishing protest in front of the German chancellery, laying bare the catastrophic consequence of Merkel’s migration invasion — the victims.

The Other McCain – Lessons From an Online Lynching (Why #StandWithCovington Is Going Viral).

Hooligan Libertarian – Fear first, ask questions later. When there is a double standard of Justice, you can be sure you live in a Police State

Lew Rockwell – The Biggest Healthcare Mistakes & Misdirections.

Borepatch – We turned into the Soviet Union so slowly that I hardly noticed.

Captain Capitalism – Construction Worker vs. TEeeeeeaaaacchhheeerrrsss. Because it is SOOOO much better to get a worthless degree with $100,000 in student debt (or more), instead of getting a job that pays real money.

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