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The Other McCain – Prejudice and Error. The mess around Covington Catholic (and the Left’s hatred in general) is inching its way toward a Salem-style witchhunt.

The O.K. Corral – Jackass Bishop Admits He’s A Moron Covington Catholic is still in the news as the Bishop who threw the kids under the bus issues a “non-apology, apology.”

The Geller Report – Google May Face RICO, Defamation Lawsuits Due to SPLC Partnership, Lawyers Say.

Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) – The Democrats Can’t Escape Their Farrakhan Problem.

The lefty establishment knows perfectly well that their activist base hates Trump far more than it opposes anti-Semitism.

DC Whispers brings up the Government Propaganda system set up by the Obama administration. Did Obama Pay Journos For Positive Coverage And To Attack Trump? Why yes, yes he did….

The Daily Gator – When I say the Left is evil………. on abortion anytime up to the moment of birth.

Watts Up With That? – Doctors Demand Total Control of Global Food Distribution to Solve Obesity, Hunger and Climate Change (What could go wrong? Ask the Ukrainians.)

Gun Free Zone – “Learn to code” harassment is the best news of the day

Evi L. Bloggerlady – Learn To Code (this “harassment” really has legs.)

If it is good enough for laid off coal workers in Kentucky, it is good enough for laid off journalists in Brooklyn!

Moonbattery – University of Michigan Wastes Fortune on Diversity Officers

The Pirate’s Cove – NY Times Circles The Wagons Over Virginia’s Infanticide Bill.

The Other McCain – You Haters! Stop Questioning Gay Actor’s Claim of ‘MAGA’ Hate Crime in Chicago (And I second his comments on Streeterville. I doubt there’s a MAGA hat within 50 miles.)

David Yamane, of Gun Culture 2.0 attended this year’s SHOT show and has several posts on the topic. This is only one of them. 2019 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range.

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