Homeowner’s Associations Are Evil

These people should sue and they should win. Veteran, wife claim TN homeowners association wouldn’t let them install wheelchair ramps.

I owned a condo for 9 months. I only lived there for 7 months. Leaving was an easy decision, even though it was a beautiful condo.

So a veteran – who has lost 1 leg, and is losing toes – moves into a house. Because he uses a wheelchair, there were ramps installed. Those ramps met the approval of the VA. They didn’t meet the approval of the annoying neighbor.

But Selross Adams says the treasurer of the Meadows of Seven Points homeowners association, who is also the couple’s neighbor, claimed the ramps were a violation of the HOA guidelines. He even said if they weren’t gone before the Adamses moved in, he would sue.

“He wanted the unsightly ramps gone, and that’s how our little problem began,” Selross Adams said. “We just did not think that they had jurisdiction over what the Americans with Disability Act had set for us to do.”

HOAs are out of control in most places. They are the worst mix of government and nosy neighbors, without most of the checks and balances built into actual government.

3 thoughts on “Homeowner’s Associations Are Evil

  1. As a builder we put them in the garage entrance as they have no control over interior features. Slope needs to be 1″ of rise for 1′ of run to pass code for resale. If it can be removed then pitch is up to what you are comfortable with. I do recommend a bumper or curb to eliminate rolling off the sides.


    • So homeowners associations are comfortable telling a class of people that they can’t use the front door, but have to go through the service entrants. Sounds strangely reminiscent of Jim Crow.


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