Saturday Links

This is a collection of posts from the week that I found interesting. I hope you like them as well.

Don Surber – Trees commit hate crime Because only victims have status, everyone must be victimized.

Gun Free Zone – Swalwell impugned the character of thousands of good Americans, again.

Pirate’s Cove – Climahypocrite AOC Leaves Parade In Fossil Fueled Minivan With Subway Just Blocks Away.

The Other McCain – ‘No Fatties in the Club’.

As a synopsis of American cultural decadence, therefore, this controversy is rather illuminating:

Sultan Knish (Daniel Greenfield) – What Taxing the Rich Did to Warren and Ocasio Cortez’s States.

The Stately McDaniel Manor – Get Trump!

Weasel Zippers – That’s A Wrap, Even Omar Votes For Resolution, Has A Good Laugh.

Watts Up With That – New All-time Record Low Temperature in Illinois. I’m sure Global Warming is to blame. (Or is it Climate Change?)

The Silicon Graybeard – The Open Secret No One Talks About – Renewables Can’t Provide Our Needed Energy.

In a move that might get Shellenberger declared a non-person by his green colleagues, he comes to the conclusion that the only reasonable answer is nuclear power. He points out that contrary to most peoples’ expectations, wind turbines kill many more people than nuclear power.

Diogenes Middle Finger – This Isn’t Even a Wrist-Slap.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 – The Continuing Expansion of Permitless Carry.

And again from The Other McCain – Left-Wing Democrats: ‘If Hating Israel Is Wrong, We Don’t Want to Be Right’.

The Burning Platform – 30 BLOCKS OF HOLES Reflections on the corruption of politicians and the disintegration of American cities from Philadelphia.

Chicks on The Right – NJ Teens Remind Us There IS Hope For Future Generations.

I hope your Saturday is going well.