Saturday Links

Clusterf*&k Nation – The Blind Leading the Deaf and Dumb. OK so it should have been in Last week’s post… (I make the rules!)

RussiaGate was birthed entirely by persons in the employ of Hillary Clintion, with then CIA Director John Brennan as midwife, and the DOJ / FBI avidly assisting — all of them fully aware that the predicate was false.

The Smallest Minority – Why You Need a Gun

Don Surber – Make them pay for their failed coup. The media is all upset that the Mueller witch-hunt failed.

Last night was like election night 2016, with on-air news personality Rachel Maddow breaking down and crying because Bungling Bob Mueller’s witch hunt is over. Donald John Trump is still president.

American Thinker – America’s highest paid union at existential risk from widened Panama Canal.

West Coast Longshore and Warehouse Union, whose members earn average wages and benefits of $285,000 by raising labor hell, is facing existential risk from the widened Panama Canal.

Diogenes’ Middle Finger – Baristas to Beto: Come On Dude, Get Off the Counters Man

When you run for presidential through social media, expect to be turned into a meme.

Pirate’s Cove – Surprise: Solving ‘Climate Change’ Requires Ending Capitalism.

Moonbattery – Chinese Immigrants Reject Democrat Leftism.

Chinese immigrants, having lived under totalitarian leftism, have been waking up as to where the Democrat Party is taking us:

Flopping Aces – Islamic violence against Christians dwarfs the reverse, but Muslim lives matter. Christian lives do not.

And again from Flopping Aces – The New Zealand killer is a progressive socialist. You know, like Ocasio Cortez.

American Thinker – Blankenship Is Right: Sue the Mainstream Media Out of Existence Don Blankenship was slandered/libeled by just about every news organization in the country – right and left.

And again from Pirate’s Cove – After Murder Of Bambi Larson, San Jose Suddenly Realizes That Sanctuary City Status Might Not Be A Great Idea.

Lew Rockwell – Central Banks Are Messing with Your Head.

The Other McCain – Generation Incel: 15% of U.S. Males Ages 22-29 Had Zero Sex Partners Last Year.

And again from The Other McCain – Media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome So Bad, Ted Koppel Is Complaining.