SJWs Hate Mel Brooks

And in particular they hate Blazing Saddles. Now, They’re Coming for Mel Brooks.

You knew it was bound to happen.

Now, four decades after it was released, the film has come under fire by social justice warriors because of its portrayal of white racism as comedy. Indeed, it’s hysterically funny.

Time to buy a copy while you still can. (Hat tip to Pirate’s Cove.)

2 thoughts on “SJWs Hate Mel Brooks

  1. Just back in February, on the 45th anniversary of its release, a lot of people were calling it a movie that couldn’t be made today. The Hollywood Reporter said, “Ethnic jokes abound. There is enough juvenile sexual humor to keep a thousand generations of pubescent boys entertained. The movie also has the most memorable fart joke scene ever.

    SJWs can’t allow that! There can’t be comedy or enjoyment in life – it has to be dour and miserable. “Nasty, brutish and short”.

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