Every Human Ever (Except Michael Collins)

50 years ago today, a most iconic image was taken, just before the lunar lander docked with the command module of Apollo 11. (The photo was taken at 21:34:00 UT or 5:34 PM EDT, 1969)

Michael Collins, the astronaut who took this photo, is the only human, alive or dead that isn’t in the frame of this picture, 1969

For the Large Scale version of the photo, click this link. And for all of the Apollo 11 photos, see this link at NASA.

3 thoughts on “Every Human Ever (Except Michael Collins)

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  2. Michael Collins, the guy you trust when you land on a dead satellite to bring you home. He’s more Scotty Pippen than Scotty Pippen. He is Hall of Fame. He didn’t go to the moon, he just brought Neil and Buzz home. My hero.


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