Sunday Round of Link Roundups

It’s Sunday, so that means that Pirate’s Cove has Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup.

  1. Geller Report News notes firefighters attacked in one of those non-existent no-go zones in France
  2. Not A Lot Of People Know That covers British Army nutters saying they will do away with fossil fuels

MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… – News/Gun Bits ….

And the DemocRAT onslaught continues…
Democrats take aim at gun owners in Houston debate

Bacon Time – Wednesday Linkage.

Animal Magnetism: GOODBYE, BLUE MONDAY
The Other McCain: CNN Lies Again
Bustednuckles: Read It And Weep You Commie Bastards

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain – In The Mailbox: 09.12.19.

EBL: Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax Sues CBS Over #MeToo Allegations
Twitchy: Alert Mike Pence – Joe Biden Informs Jorge Ramos “I’m The Vice President Of The United States”

EBL – Jenny Agutter. (Who, if you don’t remember, played the nurse in An American Werewolf in London. Which is CLASSIC cinema.)

Raised on Hoecakes: 18th Century Pie
Don Surber: Tarrifs Work. Ask Mexico
American Power: Tulsi Gabbard’s Workout

Doug Ross – Larwyn’s Linx: McCabe’s Lawfare Alliance Working With Media Masters to Frame Defense.

Best ‘Recession’ Ever: Retail Sales Up ‘Unexpectedly’; Despite Tariffs, Prices Drop: CTH
Creepy Swedish ‘Child of the Corn’ Is Here to Bring Atmospheric Enlightenment: Diogenes
US Economy Is ‘Now on the Upswing’ Despite the Fed and the Global Slump: Kudlow: Emel Akan

Maggie’s Farm – Saturday morning links.

Banks Seek Lower Credit Score Requirements, Targeting Over 50 Million New Subprime Borrowers
Cuomo’s war on pipelines means pain for little people

And again from Wombat-socho at The Other McCain – In The Mailbox: 09.13.19.

Louder With Crowder: Beta Comes Clean, Admits He Wants To Take Your AR-15s
According To Hoyt: Massacre, War, & Colonialism
Vox Popoli: Pewdiepie Trolls The ADL, also, Satire Is Dead

Again from MaddMedic – News/Gun Bits ….

Socialism Offers ‘Security’ of State Control But Demands Surrender of Individual Responsibility
Because it’s worked so well!!

I leave you with Sunday Funnies 09-15-19 from Stately McDaniel Manor and Saturday Memes … from MaddMedic.