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Watts Up With That starts things rolling with the “science” of the Useless Nitwits at the UN. New IPCC report on ocean warming cites a flawed and retracted paper

Pirate’s Cove – Bummer: Fremont Police Give Up On High Speed Chase When Tesla Runs Low On Power. But they are using an incredibly expensive, yet ecologically friendly vehicle. If you don’t count the Cobalt.

Captain’s Journal – You’re Never In More Danger Than When The Police Are Around A compendium of cops killing the disabled.

View from the Porch – Just when I think we’ve hit Peak Dumb…

Claire Wolfe at Living Freedom – The Outsiders’ Gift

My Daily Kona – The Man who saved the world dies at 77 Stanislav Petrov, a former Soviet military officer, who averted WWIII died in a suburb outside Moscow.

Of Arms and the Law – NYSRPA v. NY set for oral argument The wants to have a say. (Gotta keep all those laws constitutional. Or something.)

Chicks on the Right – California’s Plan To Get Rival Gang Members To Be BFFs Is A Massive Failure

I’m convinced California is trolling us at this point. It’s like they want to challenge the expectations of how truly STUPID liberals can be.

TechCrunch – Bodega, once dubbed ‘America’s most hated startup,’ has quietly raised millions

Louder With Crowder – WATCH: Man Raises $1 Million for Charity, Media Ruins It Over Old Tweets

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 – Firearms Training Without Actually Firing Arms? (Force Readiness, Part 2)

The O.K. Corral – Why So Spurious? On Joaquin Phoenix and an interview on his upcoming movie. And the insanity in the media.

Small Dead Animals – Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

The Russians are tweeting! the Russians are tweeting! Trust only your Liberal Pravda.

Trigger Reset – Antifa Freak Attacks ICE Center, Gets Shot Dead by Police…

Apparently this Democrat tried to set off a propane tank as part of his plan.

The Other McCain – Guy Gets Laid, Feminists Get Angry

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