Midweek Link Roundup

I hope your week is going well.

Wombat-socho from The Other McCain – In The Mailbox: 10.28.19.

Power Line: DC Crowd Shows Its Hate For Trump At World Series Game, also, You Can’t Mock The Post Enough
Shark Tank: FL Ag Commissioner Supports Paying Student Athletes

Bacon Time – Wednesday Linkage.

Victory Girls: Max Boot: Trump Wrong For Speaking Bad About Dead Terrorist
Hogewash: A Couple of Anniversaries
WUWT: Here’s What Wildfires Are Doing To California As Citizens Cope With Rolling Blackouts

EBL – Boob Flashers Banned By Major League Baseball.

Blazing Cat Fur: Does everyone believe Hillary is crazy now?
Proof Positive: Vintage Babe Catherine Deneuve and Best of the Web
Breitbart: Tulsi Gabbard declares war on Hillary and the Dem Establishment

MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word – News/Gun Bits …

Do it MY WAY!!!
Cuomo: ‘Dems Who Don’t Support My Gun Plan Shouldn’t Be Running’
People better figure it out..These wannabe DemocRATs want total control..

Maggie’s Farm – Tuesday morning links.

Teachers union instructs members how to push identity politics on students
You are either a victim or an oppressor. Did you know that? Hang the sign around your neck.
The Real Climate Crisis Is Not Global Warming, It Is Cooling, And It May Have Already Started

Again from Wombat-socho at The Other McCain – In The Mailbox: 10.29.19.

Locomotive Breath: Morning Coffee
EBL: Boob Flashers Banned By MLB
Twitchy: Second Democrat Staffer Sentenced In Connection With Kavanaugh Doxxing Case

Political Hat – News of the Week (October 27th, 2019).

Even the ACLU Opposes California’s Gun Confiscation Legislation
“a significant threat to civil liberties by expanding the authorization to seek ex parte orders”

I leave you with Tuesday Memes … from MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word, and Cartoon Round Up…. from Theo Spark, and Toon & pic clearing from Irons in the Fire.

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