Apparently They Like the Incredible Levels of Gun Crime

Doing something about criminals wouldn’t be Social-Justice-Warrior Approved. Baltimore Democrats don’t want Larry Hogan to rein in gun violence.

2019 saw Baltimore set a local record (national record?) on gun crimes per capita. You would think people would want to do something about that.

The governor of Maryland wants to “get tough on crime” and do something about the insanity that is going on in Baltimore.

So what have the Democrats in the legislature done about it? They’re preparing to shoot it down, of course. And the interim mayor of Charm City is backing them up. (CBS Baltimore)

Of course they are. They are not distressed about gun crime. They NEED high levels of gun crime to help push their agenda – which doesn’t include “tough on crime” measures like minimum sentences. (Hat tip to View from the Beach and The Daley Gator.


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