White Guy Shoots Hispanic Cop. Where’s Media Reaction?

Only lives matter if they are not cops. And not Hispanic. STARING DOWN ‘THE JUDGE’.

Barely 48 hours after being shot in the line of duty, Miguel Grimaldo was at home resting comfortably.

His wife was doing anything but.

“She was more shocked than I was,” he said. “Looking at my scars made her get nauseous. She was thinking about how it could have been so much worse.”

The guy who did the shooting? William Belk. And for the title of the article…

It’s believed that the suspect used a handgun called “The Judge,” which can fire .45-caliber bullets and .410 shotgun shells, and it was loaded with .410 buckshot when Grimaldo was fired upon.

So where is the media outrage at a white guy shooting a brown guy? [Sound of Crickets Chirping. (Hat tip The Other McCain.)

3 thoughts on “White Guy Shoots Hispanic Cop. Where’s Media Reaction?

  1. Look,, Im still really confused about the scoring system myself.. Cynthia McKinney SHOULD have had all kindsa lefty support, because she is , well,, a she, And, Black,, So,, she worked her way into DC,, hell,, she DRagged Rumsfeld over the Dyncor/Halliburton sex slavery thing,, And Id vote for her in a flash,, But lefties just dont care that
    SHE is a she and black,,
    Theres a mechanism for disolving all your Support POints,, and it seems to move around,, a LOT, and I cant find the rulebook,, BUT,, If I was just guessing,, Im gonna go with you lost your
    Brown Guy points, because of being a cop..and are therefore no longer outrage material,,
    Just a guess, so,, if anyone has the damned rules and can explain it, Id love to hear it.


  2. “The Judge” is a bad@$$ handgun at close range. I have one as a home defense tool, and loaded with 000 buckshot. But I wouldn’t trust it at any distance greater than a dozen feet. Shoot someone at 10 yards, and it just may make them mad at you.

    Kudos to the courtroom judge in denying this @$$hole bail.


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