Friday Links

SiGraybeard starts us off with something that appeals to my inner geek. A Ham Radio Series 7 – Bigger is Better (Antenna Version). A truly large antenna in Finland.

Blue Collar Prepping – Car Keys. Dealing with the new and improved car locks when you need a spare key.

The Other McCain – Portland #BlackLivesMatter Rioters Manufacture ‘White Supremacist’ Hoax.

Clark shot Dunn after a drug deal went bad, according to sources. No “white supremacy” was involved.

Power Line Blog – The panic in Powderhorn Park. An update on the Homeless camps in Minneapolis.

The Adventures of Roberta X – You Know What’s Not Fun? I’ve been there.

It’s not fun when you put in weeks of work on a poorly-documented project, only to discover the physical side is largely moot

19th Ward Chicago – New police tactics must be working… murder rate is dropping as to compared to other weekends.

64 shot, 2 stabbed, 2 tossed down a stairs, 1 choked, 13 dead, in Chiraq this weekend.

Moonbattery – From Constitutional Republic to Oligarchical Democracy.

Sultan Knish – Manhattan DA Targets Trump After Giving Epstein and Weinstein a Pass.

Flopping Aces – DeBlasio’s New York: No lives matter. de Blasio paints a mural on street to aggravate Trump, while crime explodes.

Again from Moonbattery – Black Lives Matter Moonbattery at 35,000 Feet.

Ace of Spades HQ – Hollywood Actors Fret That There’s Now “Reverse Racism” Against Straight White Male Actors and Crew.

Step one: The sowing Step two: The Reaping.

Baldilocks – Representing.

Because of California Assembly Bill 5, I cannot publish anymore blog posts in 2020 for DaTechGuyBlog.

American Thinker – There are Lies, Damn Lies, and then There is the Lincoln Project.

Any significant differences between these self-identifying “Republicans” and the Democrat party remains to be seen.

We Are The Mighty – This is the Army’s super secret special ops aviation unit.

Gateway Pundit – Black Lives Matter Sociopaths Raid Facebook Page of Young Mom Murdered for Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ Torment Her Family.

Gun Free Zone – More evidence this culture war is not going to end peacefully.

And again from The Other McCain – ‘News’ From Foggy Bottom.