Georgia police officer gets life in prison for killing a handcuffed man with Taser

He was handcuffed. He was sitting down. The used the Taser 14 times in 30 minutes. He died. Georgia police officer gets life in prison in taser death

The 24-year-old ran when police arrived but less than a mile away the officers came up on Towns sitting down to catch his breath, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported. Towns begged them 10 times to let him rest before taking him to jail.

According to Photography is Not a Crime, Towns had a heart condition, which the police tried to use as mitigation. They also claimed police have the right to use a Taser on someone who is not complying with orders.

The defense attorneys also argued that police have the right to taser people when they are not complying, but the jury did not buy that excuse either, which is surprising considering how often juries succumb to the Blue Privilege theory.

The other cop, who was not convicted of murder, got 18 months of prison, 3 and a half years of probation, which angered the family of Towns. Hard not to see their point. He was guilty of manslaughter, reckless conduct and violating an oath of office.