Apollo 11 Launch Footage (July 16, 1969)

The launch of Apollo 11 took place on July 16, 1969. For those of you who don’t remember, it was the first Apollo mission to land men on the moon.

This is Saturn V launch-pad footage from that day. 16mm film at 500 frames per second. 8 minutes plus is about 30 seconds of real time. I think it is fairly interesting.

I love that video because there is expert commentary, but not everyone agrees with me. So here’s a link to a video that is a compilation of views from various cameras, including the control room, and the audience on site at Cape Canaveral.

Some stats on the Saturn V:

  • Produced thrust of 34.5 million newtons (7.6 million pounds)
  • Fueled weight 2.8 million kilograms (6.2 million pounds)
  • Height of 111 meters (363 feet)