Can’t Let a Cop Go Down for Murder. Have To Try Something

So it look like the Dallas PD is going for character assassination of the guy who was executed. Why Did Dallas Police Search a Man’s Home for ‘Narcotics’ After One of Their Own Killed Him?

KXAS reports that the day after the shooting, a Dallas Police Department investigator obtained a warrant to search Jean’s apartment. The warrant, signed by 292nd District Court Judge Brandon Birmingham, says the police intended to look for “any contraband, such as narcotics,” that could “constitute[e] evidence of a criminal offense.”

Because justification after the fact is all they have left. Because they can’t let the rules that apply to the Little People apply to Cops. (Hat tip to A Geek With Guns.)

5 thoughts on “Can’t Let a Cop Go Down for Murder. Have To Try Something

  1. Whether he had a baggie of pot or five kilos of uncut coke in his linen closet should be irrelevant to the matter at hand.

    But it obviously won’t be… “Sure, she gunned down her neighbor for no damned good reason, but he was a bad guy. So, let’s call this one good, members of the jury.”

    Yep, they’re setting her up to get by on her blue pass.


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  3. Love people who rush to judgement based on their feelings. Cop haters galore. Who leaves their apartment door open anywhere? There is much more to the story than meets the eye and I for one will wait till the facts are out before I tell you what the voices in my head think.


    • It isn’t my feelings that got her arrested for manslaughter. (Though my “feelings” say she should have been charged with murder 2.)

      It isn’t my “feelings” that say it is fishy they executed (no pun intended) a search warrant on his home AFTER he had been killed. That stinks, and I’m not the only person who has pointed that out.

      I don’t “hate cops” as you say. But I am old enough to know that not all cops are Officer Friendly. Peruse the “Cops Behaving Badly” category here and at the Archives blog, and you will see, there are plenty of bad cops, and there are even more borderline cops who will cover up for the brothers and sisters in blue.


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