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David Yamane of Gun Culture 2.0 says I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Almost 8 years ago, I shot a gun for the first time, not because I was interested in guns, but because I was afraid of them.

His blog was recently recommended by Massad Ayoob.

Small Dead Animals has the least shocking news of the week: Guess whose fault the mass shooting in Pittsburgh was?

Well, Trump of course. But that’s too obvious. All Republicans too. And one left-wing Guardian reporter even blamed the most neutral of people, stellar journalist Salena Zito.

Power Line reports on another attack on a GOP office. Shots Fired

Every election cycle, we see news stories about violent attacks on Republican campaign headquarters. For some reason, there are few if any such stories about violent attacks on Democratic offices. The latest one comes from Florida:

The Zelman Partisans would like to know why you would include adults in a study that is supposed to be about children. Lax Gun Laws, or Lax Research Standards?

But mostly I think they did it to get scary numbers for “child” gun deaths.

Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo offers his view of the State of Western Civilization. Slaves of the State and of political correctness.

One of our greatest tragedies in today’s Western societies is that we think we are free when in fact we aren’t. Indeed, our era is witness to a gradual decline in personal liberties, as shocking as it is subtle, which has run parallel to the worrying rise in political power.

Hat tip to Small Dead Animals (which is why the orginal post is from last week)

The Other McCain asks Why Do We Know Almost Nothing About Pittsburgh Gunman Robert Bowers?

There has been a remarkable failure of journalism in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. The gunman, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, remains a cipher.

Also from the Other McCain we have ‘Choose the Form of the Destructor’: #GoogleWalkout and SJW Torpedoes

Perhaps no company deserves to be destroyed by feminists, but if any company does, none deserves it more than Google. Having built the world’s most powerful search engine, the company then developed or purchased a series of other innovations — Gmail, YouTube, etc. After obtaining a hegemonic position in the online world, however, Google then inexplicably sold its corporate soul to “social justice” ideologues

Finally Watts Up With That has a post on the number that may just define “Life, the Universe and Everything.” I always thought it was 42… Turns out it’s 137!

That magic number, called the fine structure constant, is a fundamental constant, with a value which nearly equals 1/137. Or 1/137.03599913, to be precise. It is denoted by the Greek letter alpha – α.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

UPDATE: William Teach says that the Guardian is depressed. Bummer: Democrats Lack Robust Hotcoldwetdry Plan

This has give the UK Guardian a case of the sads.

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