Saturday Links

Irons in the Fire, while Considering the past history of socialists/communists and declaring people mentally deficient, is wondering if the Left is getting ready to repeat history.

Small Dead Animals has the new Social Justice wrinkle: Your Property Is Theft.

Maggie’s Farm has thoughts on Two months of NPR

It doesn’t take long to get the daily predictability:
Bad things: Orange Man, the economy, guns, White Supremacists (where do they find those?), the climate crisis, Putin, Russia Russia Russia, oil companies, border security, the obsolete US Constitution, people who won’t recycle

The Bookworm Room and The Climate Change Watermelon Juggernaut & The Prescience Of Michael Crichton. (Watermelon? Green on the outside…)

Don Surber offers up some Reasons why they hate Trump

Quillette has some advice; “Stop Assuming that Everything You Feel or Think Is Right”—An Interview with Robert Greene

Legal Insurrection has some reflections on technology; Net Neutrality’s End Brought About Faster Internet

Also from Legal Insurrection – Tweet Surfaces in Which Former Cleveland Clinic Doc Threatened to “Purposely Give” Jews “The Wrong Meds”. (Is this more “Hate That Twitter Won’t Ban?”)

The Other McCain on the continuing silencing of the Right by the Tech Monopolies. YouTube Suspends Jordan Peterson’s Daughter @MikhailaAleksis

The Other McCain also has a reading suggestion. Decline and Fall. I haven’t read Gibbon since college.

The Pirate’s Cove notes that Washington Post Offers Lots Of (Big Government) Ideas To Solve Hotcoldwetdry.

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