Armed Teachers Are Out There

You can “debate” all you like, but some teachers want to be armed, and are armed. When You Give a Teacher a Gun.

The question is no longer “should we arm teachers?” Now, it’s “how many armed teachers are already out there?” We flew down to Ohio to embed with the men and women behind FASTER Saves Lives, a group that has trained thousands of teachers from all across the country how to shoot to kill.

Considering that this is an article in a mainstream publication (GQ is mainstream, isn’t it?) it is fairly pro-gun.

Parkland put to rest the idea that “the police will save the day.” The police – mostly Broward County Sheriff’s Department – did next to nothing that day.

But since Parkland, overwhelming demand has prevented the Foundation from being able to cover everyone. Before the shooting, two dozen openings remained for all of summer 2018; in the months that followed, organizers sometimes fielded that number of applications in a single day. Eventually, they were able to accept several hundred of them in about a dozen overflow classes. Even so, today about 2,000 people are still sitting on a waitlist.

The Buckeye Firearms Association is trying to foot the bill, but the demand has outstripped donations.