Silly, The Laws Aren’t Supposed to Apply to Everyone

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” And a Chicago Aldercritter is never equal to the citizens. Why Ald. Ed Burke May Have Been Allowed To Have 23 Guns In Government Building.

He’s been a staunch supporter of gun control measures for decades, but in a surprising twist, federal prosecutors revealed Thursday that nearly two dozen firearms were discovered in Ald. Ed Burke’s offices during their raids in November.

Hypocrisy? No, he just didn’t think he was the same as the little people.

But ironically, less than a month ago, Burke made this comment at a gun buyback event with police: “Any of those guns that are sitting in your closet that your relative may have brought back from the First World War, Second World War, Korea, bring them in get your 100 bucks get those guns off the street.”

Hat tip to Shall Not Be Questioned.

And why is a Chicago Alderman in the News Again? Corruption Charges.