You’re Only An Apex Predator When Armed

As this guy found out. Musician, 44, is dragged from his tent and mauled to death in his sleep by a grizzly bear while on a trip in remote Canada to record ambient nature sounds for his work.

Disney has done much to convince people that nature is not dangerous. It is.

A musician who was collecting nature sounds while camping at a remote spot in Canada was mauled to death by a bear that dragged him away as he slept.

As one of the comments pointed out… While he may have been asleep when it started, I don’t think you would sleep thru that.

Bear preparations include things like electric fences, safe food storage, and guns. I doubt that he asked anyone about this kind of thing, or that he would have listened. (Guns are bad, right?)

When these kinds of things come up, I’m usually amused by the way the people are remembered.

First of all, he wanted to transmit by his music to the public his love and respect for nature.

“Respect for nature?” Not so much. You would show “respect” by recognizing the risks and taking some reasonable precautions, like being armed. Or something. No, he had bought into the Disney version of the wilderness. He never read the old stories about the forest, about how nature is “red in tooth and claw.”

Hat tip to Kim du Toit via Nature In The Raw, in which he recommends one of my favorite shotguns, The Mossberg 500 Mariner 12 gauge. Completely (or as completely as possible) impervious to salt water. With a “mixture of 00 buckshot and slugs” it should handle most situations.

Please, people: as far as that old bitch Mother Nature is concerned, we humans are like marshmallows: soft, slow, tasty and harmless. It’s only when we take on accoutrements (such as the above) that put us at the top of the food chain that we stand a chance of survival.

Too true.