Self-defense Is Legal in Maryland

JusticeAnd though the guy was shot after he forced entry to a home, the DA had to wait a month in case he was able to find SOME way to charge the homeowner. Prosecutors decide not to press charges in Woodbine shooting.

But in Baltimore, they HATE that.

“The horrible loss of life in this case is a product of a series of unfortunate coincidences that all came together to end in a horrific result,” Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Gibson said.

Gibson announced Tuesday that the state will not file charges against Dorsey for shooting and killing Espinoza in July. Gibson said the video was just one factor in that decision. Gibson said Espinoza had been at a pool party at another home in the neighborhood, and his blood alcohol level was two to three times the legal limit.

So alcohol really can ruin your health.

So a belligerent drunk forces his way into a home where he was told repeatedly to leave, and when the homeowner defends himself from said drunk, the State’s Attorney spends a month trying to figure out how to charge the guy who was forced to defend himself and his family. Oh, and it’s all on video. So eventually having to admit defeat, the State’s Attorney admits that self-defense really is legal in Maryland.

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