Self-defense is Legal in Virginia

But then I thought it was. SCSO: Resident who shot home invasion suspect will likely not face charges.

According to what the Scott County Sheriff’s Office has gathered so far – the tenant acted in self-defense when they say Pierson forced his way into the apartment.

“The suspect forced his way in the apartment, and the male that lives there fired a shot striking him in the leg,” Scott County Sheriff Chris Holder said.

He’s lucky he wasn’t shot in the head. The guy who got shot ran, and was picked up a short time later by police. They took him to a local hospital and then to the county lockup.

Last word goes to the Sheriff.

Sheriff Holder said, “Everybody has the right to protect themself. This gentleman is really badly handicapped. He can’t defend himself,” Sheriff Holder went on to say, “The homeowner was not a convicted felon, and our second amendment says we have the right to bear arms.”