“Is there really a possibility of blasting Iron Maiden too loud?”

It was a peaceful retirement community, and then they got noisy neighbors, so they decided to retaliate against that noise with some of their own. Death Wish Coffee Blog brings us This old couple was sued for blasting Iron Maiden too loud.

We’re not just talking a little noise violation — the 81-year-old and the 71-year-old were playing music so loud that police had to use force entry to get into the house while “Afraid to Shoot Strangers” was blaring.

That’s old-school, that is. Though if I was trying to piss-off the neighbors, I wouldn’t choose that song. (“Thunderstruck,” “Hell’s Bells,” “Hair of the Dog,” there are numerous choices…) But here we are. So in honor of these rocking seniors from Sweden, we have today’s Metal for Monday pick.

This song is “Afraid to Shoot Strangers” by Iron Maiden from their 1992 album Fear of the Dark.

8 thoughts on ““Is there really a possibility of blasting Iron Maiden too loud?”

  1. Had some jerk neighbors one time who played their music loud, really loud.

    Wife had an electronic music version of ‘Carmina Burana’ and a really good sound system, so we put the speakers in the front windows and cranked em up (really good Yamaha system.)

    The neighbors asked us to turn the music down. We told them we would when the jerks (head of the HOA) turned their darned music down. Amazingly, once their music was down to a reasonable level, our music went away.

    And no-one ever blared out music loud again. Muhahahahaha.


  2. No, it is not possible to play Maiden too loud.

    I had upstairs neighbors back in grad school who got a new 100 watt boombox for Christmas, nice guys, good old boys, but, they quickly learned the difference between the boombox and a 100 watt Fender amp with a 15 inch speaker. They never cranked it up after 6, though.

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