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Changes are inevitable, so here’s a change. Links and Link roundups are moving to new days… For how long, I cannot say.

The Pirate’s Cove – NY Times: Democrat Voters Are Racist For Kicking Kamala Out Of The Race

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 – Targeted Advertising: Documenting the Emergence of Gun Culture 2.0 in Guns Magazine, 1955-2019 The change in focus from hunting to self-protection as seen via advertising.

Babalú Blog – The war against democracy in Latin America: Leftists want to burn everything down and rule over the ashes

The Miami Creation Myth – Broward County Declares a State of Overreaction On the general insanity in South Florida when “winter tempratures” are expected.

American Partisan – Canmunition Update: Opening the Cans. An experiment involving ammo in a can for long-term storage and caching.

EBL – Lesson of London Bridge: Europe needs more Poles and less Pakistanis.

Mark Steyn – Unlearning Together On Usman Khan and the London Bridge knife attack…

Truly, parody is dead. I gave it a go, but no satirist can compete with reality.

Lew Rockwell – How the Nanny State Feasts on the Poor

Claire Wolfe of Living Freedom – Getting to high ground ahead of the flood TINVOWOOT.

Bacon Time – Reason # 762,635 I Would Never Be A Canadian

The Other McCain – Pedophiles for Hillary: Mueller Source Indicted for Campaign Finance Fraud

The Gates of Vienna – Martin Hess: “Germany Has Mutated Into a Security Policy Madhouse”

Germany is becoming increasingly insecure, and our government is losing more and more ground to its enemies.

The Political Hat – Anti-Hippocratic Oath The future is stupid.

There is a move to not just abolish the essence of the Hippocratic Oath, but to instill a mirror-universe version whereby all doctors are to be required to kill via abortion or euthanasia or be banned as doctors.

Trutherator – Murder by Gun Control

We’ve learned too much from what happened to Jews in Germany, Kulaks in Russia, “landlords” in China, everybody in Cambodia, and victims of state terrorism at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Missy Crane at Wayne Dupree’s blog – Report: Starbucks Manager Fired For Writing ‘Pig’ on Cop’s Coffee Cup Says She Was Treated ‘Unfairly’

In typical “liberal fashion” the cop-hating bully is somehow the “victim”

Tam of View From The Porch – Instant Karma On the fact that booby traps are a bad idea. And illegal. And this story has been in my newsfeeds for a week, so I had to do something.

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ – Another Perspective On China: Donald Trump Seems To Know What He Is Doing

Again from the Other McCain – There Is No Substitute for Victory

AC has a list of light reading, or reading anyway, with Christmas Book Recommendations From The Curmudgeon.

New Jovian Thunderbolt – Do you know how much them things COST? Because I had to have one link that dealt with defending yourself with a Narwhal tusk.

DC Whispers – REPORT: Iran On The Brink

Freedom in Iran is, for the first time in decades, truly on the march as the Iranian mullahs scramble to hold on to power.</blockquote


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