Friday Links

The end of another week. I hope it has been a good week for you.

SiGraybeard – Noted in Passing: the Opioid “Crisis” is Not Due to Prescription Drugs

Today’s opioid or fentanyl addicts are not yesterday’s patients. That lie has to die.

Legal Insurrection – House Passes Bill Making U.S. Space Force the Sixth Branch of Military

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ – Just Because a Man is On Social Media Does Not Mean He Is Required to Begin Acting Like a Woman (or a Tweener Girl, More Accurately) Does It?

Chicks on the Right – Rashida Tlaib Tweets ‘White Supremacy Kills’ After Jews Were Targeted And Murdered. Forgets That The Internet Is Forever. But she deleted the tweet after it turned out that it wasn’t white supremacists but blacks who killed the Jews.

EBL – Welcome To Jersey City 🕋🕌✡️🚨🤔 Update: Black Hebrew Israelites Suspects

Strangely strict gun control in New Jersey did not seem to help stop these deaths.

Pirate’s Cove – Bummer: Trump Just Got His 50th Judge Confirmed

The Ancient and Noble Order of Gormogons – Lies vs Lies – Guest Post Popehat on the difference between your lies and the government’s lies.

Mobius Wolf at The zombie apocalypse survival homestead Q says reread the Declaration

Political Hat – You Will Be Made To F**k

Liberty’s Torch – A Prognostication

If none of the wrongdoers suffer appropriate legal penalties, why should the average American trouble himself over the law? Why should we concede the smallest groat of cooperation to the “authorities?”

The Daley Gator – Latest worst thing ever? Charity! Because individual acts are evil!

The Other McCain – Who Killed All the Feminist Blogs? The real question is, “Who was paying for some of them?”

Second City Cop – Stealing is Wrong? Seems that Chicago Starbucks – open to everyone, paying or not, except cops who are not welcome – is experiencing a bit of a crime wave. Do tell.

Moonbattery – When a White Slapping a Black Is No Big Deal When the it is a conservative being slapped.

Again from SiGraybeard – There’s No Such Thing as Woke Enough – Episode 9,436,954 – the Peloton Ad

Ninety Miles From Tyranny – In a Blow to Political Correctness, Trump Praises Salvation Army

Bacon Time!!! – Here’s An Idea, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!!! On the journalist as crybaby.

Roberta X – “Brought To You By….” On why there is no sponsor for the impeachment hearings.