In The SJW Battle Between a Black Athlete and Rape-survivor, Who Wins?

Kerfuffle is a word that could have been engineered just for this dustup. WaPo Union Condemns Management for Suspending Reporter Over Kobe Tweet.

If you’re living under a rock, maybe you don’t know that Kobe Bryant, and a bunch of other people including his 13-year-old daughter, died in a helicopter crash. So the intertubes have lit up with “outpourings of grief.” Or something.

But many were quick to point out that Bryant’s legacy was tainted by a credible rape allegation from 2003, in which a then-19-year-old resort staffer claimed the NBA star sexually assaulted her in a hotel room.

On Sunday, Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez posted to Twitter a link to The Daily Beast’s 2016 article recapping those allegations and the evidence behind them.

Since she dared to upset the narrative, she was suspended. That doesn’t really look too good coming from a newspaper. Now coming from a propaganda outlet, it is exactly what you would expect. Hey WaPo, does “Ministry of Truth” wring any bells? Didn’t think so. The story was written by a dead, white-man after all.

Pravda would have been proud of that action.

More on this story from The Other McCain.

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