It’s Funny How the Rules Change

When the Democrats are the ones the media is reporting on. The ‘Deep State’ Unmasked: Joe Biden Targeted Trump Aide Gen. Flynn.

Remember when anti-Trump rhetoric was about his supposed violation of “norms”? Remember when Trump’s criticism of hostile media was considered a threat to a free press? Yeah, forget all that: [SNIP]

As recently as May 3, the Biden campaign considered it “authoritarian” to criticize “independent media,” but when the media reports that Biden was part of the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance of their political opponents, suddenly the standards change.

Maybe “funny” isn’t the right word.

One thought on “It’s Funny How the Rules Change

  1. Stop being so unhappy about it. Nobody seems to appreciate just how much good the democrats are for America. How could we ever expect to meet our true capacities without someone holding us to the Highest Double standards?


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