Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

All for stealing a catalytic converter. Man accused of trying to steal auto parts shot in Gustavus Township.

“There’s a loud SUV that’s been driving back and forth between Gustavus Center and our neighbors at the top of the hill, and my husband went out to look and he said he saw somebody underneath our Accord, in our pulled open driveway, cutting the exhaust off,” the caller told dispatch.

Deputies spoke with the homeowner, who said he confronted the man, firing a warning shot in the air. He said the man then turned toward him with something in his hand, so he fired a shot toward his legs, hitting him.

The something could have been a drill, since that was one of the tools he had with him.

The 2 partners in the getaway vehicle were located and arrested on outstanding warrants. The investigation continues. The guy who got shot is expected to be OK.

“They had a plan. They were prepared and they had an exit strategy secured already. I wouldn’t say it was a well-developed plan, but it was a plan,” [Trumbull County Sheriff Paul] Monroe said.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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