Another Karen Goes Viral on Twitter

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And why are Californians so racist? Even after BBQ Betty, and Central Park Karen, and all the rest, Karen just couldn’t help herself; she had to speak to the manager. Woman apologizes after backlash from confronting homeowner.

So a black guy is writing “Black Lives Matter” on his own property. In chalk. The Karen, in this case Lisa Alexander, felt compelled to confront him – he recorded video – and then when he didn’t bow to her authority, she wanted to speak to the manger. That is, she called the cops.

[James] Juanillo clapped back, “If I did live here, and this was my property, this would be absolutely fine?” Juanillo can be heard asking them. “And you don’t know if I live here or if this is my property.”

He added that Alexander “lies and says she knows that I don’t live in my own house, because she knows the person who lives here”. Juanillo tells the couple that they should call the police if they think he’s breaking the law.

So of course, being a world-class Karen, she calls the cops. Who recognize that Alexander is in his own home, because they know him. He’s lived in the home for 18 years, after all.

Now she has pulled the 21st Century version of going into hiding, in that she deleted all of her social media accounts. Not that it hasn’t negatively impacted her business already.

I expect the fallout will continue for this Karen for some time.

“I want to apologise directly to Mr. Juanillo”, the statement read.

“I did not realize at the time that my actions were racist and have learned a painful lesson”, it continued.

Really??! You “didn’t realize” you were being an asshole? You thought it was your duty and your right to tell the whole world how to live their lives? Well, I suppose that is true of most assholes, idiots, bigots, and Karens.

And good luck with the apology. It hasn’t worked for anyone else, but whatever…

Part of this, I’m sure, is because she could not CONCEIVE of the remotest possibility that a black man could own property in San Francisco. Racism? There’s no racism in San Francisco. They are enlightened. Just ask them, and they will tell you that!

Here’s the video of the interaction…

UPDATE: The tweet has been deleted, but the video lives on

[OK, I have updated the link to one that still includes the video. The server is getting hammered and it timed out twice before I could get to the site.] Here’s an interview with Mr. James Juanillo, where he says that the entire thing could have been avoided if they had only apologized, but they didn’t apologize.

And the fallout is still falling out… Lisa Alexander husband fired from investment managing director job.

He was right there, not trying to get her to tone it down. So like Central Park Karen, the pain is going to take some time to go away.

So here’s a clue for all the Karens who might want to speak to the manager over this kind of thing… Mind your own fucking business. If she had done that, none of this would have happened. But now she is going to pay a steep price. (I’m assuming they have a mortgage payment due shortly…)

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  1. My Sicilian American GrandMother always taught me to…
    Keep my mouth shut and mind my own business
    …and so I always have!!!

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  2. One of the things that is so typical of the enlightened Left, she talks to a grown man like he is a slightly retarded child.


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