Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain – In The Mailbox: 07.15.20.

Da Tech Guy: Will The Left’s Twitter Magruders Face The GOP’s McClellans Or Grants? also, Don’t Know Much About History
Don Surber: 2020 Is The Showdown Between Good & Evil

Bacon Time!!!! – Wednesday Linkage.

Bustednuckles: It’s All About Power
Woodsterman: Libturds Are A Poppin’ Tuesday Afternoon

EBL – Jeff Sessions, Goodbye 👋👂

Instapundit: PJ Media: Dems go nasty on Tuberville (like they wouldn’t have on Sessions)?
AoSHQ: Morning Report 07.15.20

MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… – Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

National Museum of African American History & Culture Says Hard Work, Nuclear Family & Christianity are Negative Aspects of “Whiteness”
Words fail me..

Again from Wombat-socho – In The Mailbox: 07.16.20.

American Power: Can The Republican Party Survive?
American Thinker: A Pandemic Of Democrat Proportions
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Bronco Returns News

The Right Way – Top of the News.

Random Thoughts July 12, 2020 – redpilljew
MSNBC host dumbfounded as his panel of pediatricians unanimously support schools reopening – American Thinker

Political Hat – News of the Week (July 12th, 2020).

BLM Teacher Says 2+2 Only = 4 Because of “Western Imperialism”
Sorry, what?

View from the Beach – Russiagate Still Stoned.

Nicholas Ballsy at JTN, Susan Rice says Obama admin. was ‘absolutely’ not spying on Trump campaign, just like the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous demonstration in response to a video.

Again from MaddMedic – Quick Bits ….

Clowns, morons, worthless…
Rolling Stone Writer Calls For the Word “Pro-Life” to be Retired Because it’s ‘Racist’

Battleswarm Blog – LinkSwarm for July 17, 2020.

Donald trump-endorsement recipient Tommy Tuberville wins Alabama senate primary over Jeff Sessions. I fully expect Tuberville to crush fluke democratic incumbent Dough Jones in the fall.

Ace of Spades HQ – The Morning Report – 7/15/20.

New Study: Millennials Think Their Risk from Chinese COVID-19 is Exponentially More Than the True Threat
“Public health and economic growth are two sides of the same coin.”

One more time from Wombat-socho – In The Mailbox: 07.17.20.

Louder With Crowder: Florida Man Dies In Motorcycle Crash, Listed As COVID-19 Death
Vox Popoli: It’s A Little Late For That

Maggie’s Farm – Wednesday morning links.

Michael Flynn bombshell: FBI believed he was ‘forthcoming’ and ‘telling truth,’ notes show

US-Canada border to stay closed as New York demands more travellers quarantine on arrival

Doug Ross – Larwyn’s Linx: Stanford Doctor: ‘Anyone Who Prioritizes Children Would Reopen The Schools’.

China vows retaliation after Trump ends preferential status for Hong Kong: ST
Chinese professionals shocked by 45% China tax rate consider leaving Hong Kong: ST

I leave you with Cartoon Round Up…. from Theo Spark and Wednesday Memes .. from MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… and Wednesday gifdump from Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin My Life Away.

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