Self-defense in the People’s Republic of Chicago

Two stories of lawful, armed self-defense in Chicago in one week? (I feel a great disturbance in the narrative!)

Now that people are allowed to defend themselves, they are defending themselves. 2 men hurt in shootout during robbery at West Garfield Park church | Chicago Sun-Times

A guy walks into a church and announces a robbery. But one of the people sitting in the church is armed.

The two men then started shooting at each other, police said. The older man was struck in the left arm and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in good condition. The robber was shot multiple times in the chest and was in critical condition at Stroger Hospital.

Minor injuries versus critical injuries are a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. And in a place like Chicago, where a few years ago only the bad guys had guns, it is a major achievement.

And then there is a “no shots fired” type of self-defense story. CWB Chicago: River North: Motorist With Concealed-Carry Saves Victim From 3-On-1 Beat-Down And Robbery

All he had to do was stop, and un-holster his weapon, and the bad-guys took off running. Once the scene was stabilized, he got back on his white horse and rode into the sunset back into his car and drove away.

Hat tip on both stories to HeyJackass!


Wrigleyville police commander: “Did I ever tell you how much I hate the color green?”

They don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day in most places like they do in Chicago. SCORNED BEEF: St. Pat’s Revelry Sparks At Least 7 Arrests Downtown, 6 More In Wrigleyville Through 8PM. CWB Chicago reports from the heart of Wrigleyville (The area around the famous ballpark) which is full of bars.

The quote in the title of the post is from a 10:42 AM radio transmission. There is a lot more at the link than I present here.

9:55 AM — Dispatcher: “[Sigh] Oh, they’re dropping already. Can you head over to 500 West Madison for the female passed out in the food court?”

So began St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago 2018.

Yes, they really do start that early. Some of it is disturbing. Some of it is funny. All of it is St Patrick’s Day in Chicago.

  • 11:42 AM — “They’re throwing bottles by the Channel 7 van.”
  • 12:22 PM — Prisoner transport van: “We got a very intoxicated female behind us” Congress and Columbus. EMS going
  • 12:36 PM — Prisoner transport van: “Now we got an intoxicated male in front of us.” EMS going.
  • 1:11 PM — “We gotta get these people outta the trees!” near the Lincoln Statue.
  • 1:36 PM — Back in Lakeview: “Oakdale and Sheffield. The residents are complaining because there’s tons of intoxicated people vomiting on their lawn.” [editor’s note: Green Beer will do that to you!]
  • 2:40 PM — The last float has crossed the finish line downtown. “Woo-hoo!” “Command post did you copy?” “We copy THANK YOU!!!”
  • 6:32 PM — “A male drunk with a gash on his head walked into their apartment, went into the roommate’s bedroom and fell asleep. They don’t know the guy.” State and 8th.

I think the following sums up the day nicely.

6:27 PM — Random transmission: “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Chicago PD – Sanitizing Personnel Records for Lawsuits

I can’t use the quote from Casablanca twice in 2 posts. But it does apply. Lawyers insist city ‘play by the rules’ as evidence again surfaces before trial | Chicago Sun-Times

So lawyers who are suing the Chicago PD requested and were given personnel files in 2016. But just last week they were given the “unit files.”

Then on Friday, they say the city coughed up what it referred to as “unit files” for those officers. They said the so-called “unit files” wound up being filled with the kind of information one would expect to see in a personnel file. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly ordered the officers’ personnel files turned over in January 2016, and the city now allegedly “concedes that it should have produced these files.

The city (and the PD) have been perpetrating a sham on lawyers and courts. Why? Because they thought they could get away with it.

The new documents allegedly show that two officers named in the Simmons lawsuit — John O’Keefe and John Wrigley — were stripped of their police powers in April 2016 after being caught justifying an arrest with false claims that are similar to claims made in the Simmons case. The Bureau of Internal Affairs allegedly sought the officers’ firings after determining they lied under oath at a criminal trial.

Meanwhile, during their depositions, the officers allegedly lied about their discipline history and concealed the fact that they had been stripped of their police powers.

So. Not turning records over in accordance with court order. That is the department, not 2 guys having a bad day. Lying under oath. (Maybe.) Why? Because they thought they could get away with it. (Maybe they have in the past.)

And if IA wants you fired, and you’re not fired, exactly what is IA’s purpose? And who wants lying cops on the job? (At a guess, the union.) Chicago. Criminal. Justice System.

Police Commander Paul Bauer

Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer was killed in the line of duty. Chicago police commander gunned down in Loop pursuing a suspect – Chicago Tribune

Cmdr. Paul Bauer, 53, was shot to death at the Thompson Center after chasing a man fleeing from tactical officers who tried to stop him, police officials said. Bauer confronted the man, who opened fire as the two struggled, killing the 31-year department veteran, according to police officials and other sources. Bauer had been in the area after attending “active shooter” training, which prepares officers for mass shootings. He also had a meeting with aldermen scheduled for later in the day.

SUE The T. Rex Gets a Makeover

SUE is the largest, most complete skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex ever recovered. The skeleton is exhibited at Chicago’s Field Museum. SUE The T. Rex Says Goodbye To Her Skull « CBS Chicago

“You don’t often get a second shot of mounting a dinosaur, but this time around, we are going to add in the so-called ‘belly ribs.’”

Simpson says they are able to do so because scientists have only recently learned how to position them.

They are also taking the opportunity to move SUE to her dedicated exhibit hall. (Currently SUE is in the main entrance hall.)

I’ve only seen SUE one time, as she was added to the collection of Chicago’s Field Museum sometime in 2000. She wasn’t there when I endured several field trips in elementary school. (I always thought that the Aquarium, Planetarium, and the Museum of Science and Industry were more fun.)

Actually, her real skull is on display separately. What they removed was an copy of her skull.

SUE’s real skull, weighing 600 pounds, is still on display on the second floor of the museum. The head is separated from its body not because of weight concerns, as the sign for it says, but because “it is the most studied part of the skeleton.”

SUE – named after Sue Hendrickson, the paleontologist who discovered the skeleton – made a memorable appearance in one of The Dresden Files novels, Dead Beat.

Even in the People’s Republic of Chicago Self-defense Works

They go out of their way to note that the law-abiding citizen had a CCW license, even though he was in his own home. Concealed carry holder shoots, kills would-be robber: police.

A 58-year-old man told police that an armed man entered his home and tried to rob him. The victim has a conceal carry license.

Still, the got the designation of victim vs criminal right this time. Chicago is getting the hang of the whole self-defense thing.

The Tale of Two Cities Told Via Crime Rates

The two cities being Chicago and New York. One is seeing increasing crime, and the other is becoming safer every month. Here is the comparison.

First is New York. With this year’s crime statistics, New York is officially safer than London, UK. NYPD Announces Fewest Annual Murders & Shooting Incidents Ever Recorded in the Modern Era

This reduction in murders has resulted in the lowest per-capita murder rate in nearly 70 years. Additionally, several other index crime categories have achieved historic reductions, including: robbery, burglary, and grand larceny auto.

On the other hand, we have Chicago. For years people have been predicting that Chicago was going to become the next Detroit, but even Detroit is making a comeback.

As always, Hey Jackass has the best statistics on Chicago.

We classified 2016 simply as a “shitshow”. We’re going to say that 2017 was slightly less shitshow-y, but a shitshow nonetheless.

For more than half of the year, 2017 was running ahead of 2016 with such performances like the disastrous July 4th weekend that tallied over 100 shot or the annual Father’s Day Shoot-O-Rahm-a. By August-time, the idiocy, for whatever reason, retraced back to 2015 levels where rainbow farting unicorns grazed along the lakefront and songs of “#crimeisdown” filled the air.

But while murders were down over 2016 levels, other crime was not. Chicago is currently experiencing an epidemic of carjacking.

If you go back over some of my posts on Chicago Crime, you can see a recurring theme. People charged – and in some case convicted – of violent crime, and gun crime, spend little or no time in jail. And Chicago Wonders Why It Has a Crime Problem – Part 2 is a good illustration of the problem, as is part 1.

Whatever the explanation, Chicago needs to do something very different from what it has been doing.