Self-defense in The Windy City?

JusticeStranger things have happened. Woman claiming self-defense released from custody in fatal Park Manor stabbing.

A woman was released from police custody after citing self-defense in the fatal stabbing of a 42-year-old man during a domestic argument Sunday on the South Side.

After being choked and fearing for her life, the woman went to the kitchen of a Park Manor home and grabbed a knife, Chicago police said.

Use the tool you have on hand.

So the cops released her, but my guess is that this is one case that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, better known as Crimesha in certain circles, will want to pursue. Can’t have people believing that they can take individual action and exercise individual responsibility. They might decide that the bureaucrats are not needed.

Self-defense is a human-right, but it may or may not be your legal right in Chicago.

What Was I Saying About Chicago Corruption?

JusticeDon’t make no waves. Don’t back no losers. (Lessons from the Original Daley.) Payback: Judge who ordered Smollett special prosecutor NOT endorsed for re-election by county Democrats

The judge who appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Jussie Smollett matter, including what role State’s Attorney Kim Foxx played in the case, will not be recommended for re-election by the Cook County Democratic Party.

Party officials claimed the decision to not endorse 40-year veteran judge Michael Toomin stems from his performance as chief judge of the county’s juvenile court division.

Of course it is. It couldn’t possibly be that they are pissed he shined a light on some corruption. My previous post on Chicago Corruption is at this link.

Chicago Corruption

JusticeExplained in passing. Da Tech Guy – Update on the continuing Illinois Exodus

Since 1973 over thirty members of Chicago City Council have been sentenced to prison. At one time he was the city’s most powerful alderman, but now Ed Burke is under indictment for allegedly shaking down a fast food franchisee. Do you want to bring your business to Chicago? You may have to endure having your pockets picked by a pol. Or by several of them.

Where do I sign up?

Burke has been an alderman since 1969. Chicago needs term limits. And so does Illinois. Boss Michael Madigan, who is from the same part of the city as Burke, has been speaker of the state House since 1983 except for two years in the 1990s when the Republicans had a majority in the lower chamber. Madigan is also a Chicago ward committeeman. He’s been chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party since 1997. Illinois’ most powerful Dem is also currently under investigation as part of an evolving federal corruption probe that has already ended the careers of several Chicago and suburban politicians.

When I first ran across Da Tech Guy, the “Da” didn’t make sense. But Dese guys, does guys, and dem guys are all from Chicago. Like Da Bulls, or Da Mayor.

It wasn’t so very long ago that I loved that city, and spent most weekends, and not a few weeknights, at clubs in the city. Kaboom was legendary. And a couple of Saturdays every month, I would ride a train into the loop, have breakfast at my favorite bagel place (does anyone hand-roll bagels anymore?) and spend the morning wandering around the Art Institute. Looking at Man Ray’s chess set or Chagall’s Windows, or Picasso’s early period.

Now, you couldn’t pay me to go into the city.

There is a lot more at the Da Tech Guy’s post. Taxes. Pensions. Downstate corruption. Downstate problems. It’s worth a look if you want to see where Democratic policies take a city in a few decades.

Another Affordable-bail Gone-wrong Story

JusticeMore men charged with shooting people while free bail for gun charges.

A West Side man who was on electronic home monitoring for allegedly possessing a stolen firearm as a felon, shot five people Saturday, killing two of them, according to prosecutors.

And as I’ve mentioned before, if you ignore the data, then everything looks good.

For example, Jordan — who allegedly shot five and killed two over the weekend — does not qualify for Foxx’s re-offender count because his pending gun case began before January 1 and, additionally, the alleged murders happened after June 30.

CWBChicago researchers continue to find cases that seem to paint a questionable picture of the county’s bail program’s success with accused gun offenders.

Click thru for that story. I’m sure there will be more in the days and weeks ahead.

My previous post on the subject is at this link.

Affordable Bail Works as Long as You Ignore the Data

JusticeA politician wouldn’t LIE, would they? More murder cases raise questions about officials’ bond court success stories

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, known as Crimesha to Second City Cop (link in the sidebar), loves bail reform.

As we reported Tuesday, Foxx is driving the re-offend statistic down by creating a tight window of opportunity for someone to get caught with another gun.

So the program looks like it’s working, as long as you exclude the data that shows it isn’t.

A gun crime, namely felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, resulted in the first guy having to pay 200 bucks to get out of jail. He was eventually given a curfew, not that that mattered to anyone, least of all the bad-guy.

Stidhum violated his curfew again the very next night and 16 more times during the month of June alone, according to court records. But officials didn’t do anything about it.

On July 16, Stidhum shot and killed 23-year-old Tavion Edwards as the man rode his motorcycle in Lawndale, prosecutors say. Patrol officers heard the gunfire and arrested Stidhum as he ran down a nearby alley. Cops said they found a gun in Stidhum’s pants.

Even though he was out on bail, and had violated the terms of his release a bunch of times, the murder he committed, allegedly, doesn’t count on Crimesha’s stats because it didn’t happen right away. Yeah, that makes sense.

Click thru for the rest.

So yeah, you can prove just about anything you want to prove if you ignore the data that doesn’t help your cause.

In case you’ve been living under a rock this summer, Chicago has a crime problem. Murders and shootings have been through the roof, and the looting isn’t helping things. And while it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, carjacking is surging in a big way this year.

The Summer Shooting Season in Chicago

To no one’s surprise, it was awful. HeyJackass! has the details. 2020 Summer Shooting Season

HeyJackass! counts the summer season from noon, and the Friday before Memorial Day, to 6 AM on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

This year’s Summer Shooting Season not only nailed bucket number six to win a brand new Schwinn bicycle and new, crisp 100 dollar bill, it also managed to take home some high end goods courtesy of Michigan Ave retailers and took numerous field trips to the morgue.

Summer 2020*: 343 killed, 1,606 wounded
Summer 2019: 172 killed, 890 wounded

The first part of that quote references Bozo’s Circus, a TV show from very long time ago.

HeyJackass! has all the stats: Shot in the ass. Selfies. Youngest and oldest victims. Etc.

Only an “Average” Labor Day Weekend in Chicago

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSBy any other measure it would be a sh*tshow of the highest order. Slain 8-year-old girl among more than 50 shot in Chicago over Labor Day weekend.

Police said the victims’ vehicle was stopped at a red light and the suspects’ vehicle was directly behind it. When the light turned green, shots were fired into the victims’ vehicle, which eventually crashed into a tree.

As for the totals, HeyJackass! lists the final tally as follows:

Final Stupidity Tally: 11 killed, 48 wounded
2019 Labor Day weekend: 11 killed, 38 wounded
2018 Labor Day weekend: 11 killed, 21 wounded
2017 Labor Day weekend: 7 killed, 40 wounded

OK, so the weekend was slightly worse than average. That is a marked improvement over weekends from earlier in the summer.

The End of Summer in Chicago

HeyJackass! brings us Chicago’s Summer’s Finale

Labor Day weekend means it’s time to draw the curtain on another mostly peaceful Summer Shooting Season. Since opening day on Friday, May 22nd, we’ve tallied 336 homicides plus nearly 1600 shot & wounded. Last year’s Summer Shooting Season wrapped up with 172 homicides and 890 shot & wounded.

Click thru for the totals. The totals will be finalized sometime Tuesday Morning.

Chicago Needs 2 Billion Dollars. Wants Federal Handout

Mayor Lightfoot is expecting the Democrats in Washington to hand it over. Estimated city shortfall hits combined $2 billion for this year and next.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls her 2021 spending plan a “pandemic” budget that can be balanced only with replacement revenues from Washington, concessions from city unions and new revenues.

Even though they are hemorrhaging funds, she hasn’t cut the work week, reduced payroll, or done anything to proactively manage the situation.

Because she expects all of you to pay for the past 2 or 3 decades of Chicago’s mismanagement.

Here is what Meep had to say about Chicago’s fiscal position at the end of June. Polities Under Fiscal Pressure: Chicago and Cook County

And they’ve been asking for a bailout since April, at least. Beating Up on Illinois Dems’ Brazen Bailout Request: YOU GET BANKRUPTCY

It isn’t a surprise. Chicago, and other places, have been UNDER-FUNDING their pension obligations for decades. Now that cops, and firefighters, and teachers are retiring, they don’t have the money to pay the pensions that were promised. How exactly is that my fault? My state has issues of its own. The states in the best shape are places like Wyoming and Alaska. You can’t seriously expect them to bailout New York, new Jersey, and Illinois. But that is pretty much what Democratic mayors want.

August in Chicago

The statistics coming out of Chicago continue to be disturbing. August Wrap-up

August 2020: 66 killed, 430 wounded

That is a fairly disturbing total. It isn’t double what the city has seen in the past few years, but it is a significantly higher total. Like 68% higher, or so, depending on the year.

A breakdown of the month’s idiocy shows:

  • 63 shot & killed
  • 3 killed via other means
  • 3 shot by CPD, 1 fatally
  • 3 CPD officers shot, 0 fatally
  • 1 shot by CCW, nonfatal

There is oh so much more, including reflections on the summer and predictions for September. Click thru.

Weekend in the City

The City of Chicago, that it. HeyJackass! is anticipating a Mostly Peaceful Weekend.

Jersey Barriers and decorative flower pots on Michigan Ave, plywood forests sprouting again downtown, 12-hour shifts and officer safety alerts issued, plus all the usual nonsense has all the ingredients for a mostly peaceful weekend.

Click thru for the totals. At 4:00 PM Central, Sunday the numbers were 10 killed and 37 wounded. Year-to-date, Chicago has had more than 2750 people shot, and more than 500 murders. It’s like they turned the clock back to 1990, in terms of crime.

Violence Driving People Out of Chicago

And out of the swanky neighborhoods. ‘I’ve never had to think about my own safety in this way before’: Shaken by summer looting in affluent neighborhoods, some Chicagoans are moving away.

But they don’t want to wait it out here in the city, fearful of stepping outside at night and hoping for things to maybe get better.

They want out.

“Not to make it all about us; the whole world is suffering,” said Amber, a 30-year-old nurse who lives in River North. “This is a minute factor in all of that, and we totally realize that. We are very lucky to have what we do have.

“But I do think that I’ve never had to think about my own safety in this way before.”

Security is high up on the list of things people want, even if they don’t recognize that until it is gone. And it is gone in Chicago. You can’t buy security in Chicago. The most expensive neighborhoods are being looted, are the site of carjacking and, robbery, assault and rape. At some point, like now, people will say “enough.”

Chicago has been Neil Spun’s home for more than half his life, but recently, the 60-year-old state worker has been conflicted about staying in his Edgewater apartment due to the rioting and looting that started in late May following the death of George Floyd. [SNIP]

“There have been riots before, and looting,” Spun said. “It just seems to me now that the city isn’t doing anything about it. I don’t see this getting any better, and so I’d like to leave.”

Life in Chicago, and in other cities, is taking on the characteristics of the state Hobbes described as a State of War.

Continue reading

Chicago’s Recipe for More Crime

If you make something cheaper, you will see more of it. As murders soar in Chicago, judges are freeing more violent-crime suspects on electronic monitoring

The number of criminal defendants freed on bail and ordered to wear electronic-monitoring bracelets has soared this year in Cook County, including more than 1,000 people charged with murder, robbery or illegal possession of guns, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found.

Police Supt. David Brown says many of those being set free on electronic monitoring are responsible for the steep rise in killings this year in Chicago.

As I write this Chicago has had a total of 491 homicides for the year, with a total number of people shot standing at more than 2600. In fact the numbers are higher than for the entire year of 2014. And we aren’t even done with August.

But I don’t expect anything to change for sometime. The State’s Attorney and the Judges in Cook County are determined to see social justice done, even if people have to die to make their point.

Chicago’s Continuing Slide Into Chaos

HeyJackass! brings us the details with The Weekend’s Stupidity.

It seems that Mayor Lightfoot’s efforts to secure her neighborhood paid off, just not for the city as a whole.

Final Stupidity Tally: 5 killed, 67 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 28 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 4 killed, 29 wounded

So hows that war on Law and Order working out?

“The most virulent anti-gun mayor in Chicago history”

Second City Cop tells us how he really feels about Chicago Mayor Lori “Groot” Lightfoot. What a Fucking Bitch.

So while the Magnificent Mile, and a bunch of other neighborhoods in Chicago are looted to death, there is a “heavy police presence” on Mayor Groot’s block to protect her home and her family.

I have a right to make sure that my home is secure,” Lightfoot said. [source: Chicago Tribune]

Back to SCC.

This from the most virulent anti-gun mayor in Chicago history. A mayor known by insiders to carry a small derringer-type weapon in her ill-fitting suits (her keeping a hand in her pocket all the time is a well known street “tell.”) Guess what Groot? Everyone has that Right, they just don’t have a taxpayer funded army to exercise it. [My Emphasis. Z-Deb]

Remember when certain neighborhoods stood up for themselves and warned interlopers threatening to wreak havoc in their peaceful parts of town that it might be a bad idea? Groot said that residents shouldn’t be taking the law into their own hands…

There is a lot more, including how Groot has been silent on the doxing of officers, and the threats made against their families. There is a link at SCC to a Chicago Sun Times article where Groot goes on at length about the threats she has received, and why they are unacceptable. Apparently she thinks threats made against the young daughters of cops are OK; one Antifa scumbag threatened rape. She is certainly the worst mayor I can remember for Chicago. And I want to go on record as saying I disagree with the people who think she looks like Beetlejuice.

Groot is taking a bunch of fire from the Right side of the internet for this:

Instapundit, has a short comment, but Ace of Spades lays into her at length.

My previous post on this subject was planned much earlier in the day yesterday, but Second City Cop is always worth mentioning, because he is a Chicago Cop, and he has to deal with the insanity that the politicians spew. A good deal of the comments on his site are from cops as well.

Concealed Carry in the People’s Republic of Chicago

Self-defense is a human-right. Belmont Cragin shooting: FOID, concealed carry cardholder shot, returns fire and shoots man.

A 24-year-old FOID and concealed carry cardholder was shot and returned fire and shot a man Sunday in Belmont Cragin on the Northwest Side.

Both the victim and the attacker were taken to hospital in serious condition.

Mostly Peaceful

Is that like partly cloudy? 24 arrested when protest turns violent in Loop.

Chicago police arrested 24 people after a protest turned violent in the Loop on Saturday evening. Four of the arrests are for felonies, the department said in a statement. Seventeen police officers are being treated for injuries that are not considered life-threatening, CPD said.

My prediction is that Crimesha, otherwise known as Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, won’t prosecute anyone. Maybe the 4 felonies. Maybe.

There is more at the link, including links to the video, which the person who originally posted it tried to delete, of a “protester” attacking a Chicago cop with a skateboard.

The person who posted the video deleted it because he did not want the footage to “bring harm or retaliation” to protesters.

But the internet rarely forgets.

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Since the federal government paid 75% of costs for this project, your tax dollars were used. Even though I’ve been trying to give Chicago a break, they make it too easy with stuff like this. Brilliant use of taxpayer funds: McCormick Place hospital’s cost to taxpayers? $1.7 million per patient. How the deal happened.

Or you could call it “No dollar left behind.”

Taxpayers spent nearly $66 million fashioning McCormick Place into an emergency coronavirus hospital with 2,750 beds this past spring amid fears that COVID-19 patients would overwhelm hospitals in the Chicago area.

Those fears turned out to be unfounded. Just 38 patients were transferred to the sprawling convention center — meaning taxpayers’ cost for the makeshift hospital turned out to be more than $1.7 million per patient, on average.

Now the bids were not exactly rigged, and they were not exactly fair. The company that got a big piece of the pie has ties to the old Daley Chicago machine. Color me shocked, that the people with clout ended up collecting big bucks.

The other three facilities were in Blue Island, Melrose Park and Elgin in previously closed hospitals, where the costs of readying them for patients were considerably lower than at McCormick Place — a total of about $50 million for all three, records show.

The Army Corps itself chose the construction companies for the renovations required at the closed hospitals — none of which has treated even one patient.

Now, to be fair, something I HATE doing when it comes to Chicago politics, in March and April the situation in and around New York City was grim. The virus was going crazy. But then Chicago is not nearly as densely populated as New York City. With about half the population, Chicago has something like 8 times the geographic area to house that population. And as stupid as the politicians in Illinois are, they were not as stupid as Cuomo or de Blasio, apparently. At least they didn’t mandate that sick people be housed in nursing homes, with the most vulnerable citizens.

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Recipe for More Crime

Cook County, in Illinois, is home to Chicago. One alderman blasts Foxx, another targets Lightfoot after looters demolish downtown.

If you make something less expensive, you will get more of it, and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has made looting a zero-cost activity. Well, and she has had help from the judges.

“Laws are not a ‘buffet’ for prosecutors to selectively enforce,” Reilly continued. “All too often, we are seeing repeat offenders, violent offenders, gun crime suspects and, now looters, being released on [recognizance bonds] or the totally ineffective ‘electronic monitoring program.’ This is totally unacceptable.”

Reilly pointed to a lengthy Chicago Tribune report about Foxx’s’s polices that coincidentally appeared in this morning’s newspaper.

He highlighted a Trib finding that Foxx “dropped all charges against 29.9% of felony defendants a dramatic increase over her predecessor… For the last three years of Anita Alvarez’s tenure, the rate was 19.4%.”

But Kim Foxx (known to Second City Cop as Crimesha) disagrees. Social Justice is more important than actual Justice. Social Justice is more important than the survival of Chicago’s tax base. And if Chicago ends up with an abandoned downtown, and no money to pay for anything, well, Kim Foxx will know that she did her utmost to let people off the hook for their own actions.

Anyway there is a lot more at the CWB article linked at the top of this post, including some fine words about and by Chicago’s Mayor Groot. Or Lori Lightfoot. Whichever. And I must disagree with the people who think she looks like Beetlejuice.

Oh, and nothing will change in Chicago. Well, things will continue to get worse. Crimesha and the social-justice-warrior judges will continue to turn criminals loose, ignore crimes, and watch while the crime rate climbs. Groot will continue to blast President Trump and everyone outside of Chicago. And when the businesses finally leave, and the people follow it will be because of racism, and not that she didn’t do anything to create an environment where people wanted to stay. In short, it won’t be the fault of any elected official in Chicago, and you are racist for insisting that they actually do the jobs for which they campaigned.