Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. Back in the News

But then you knew they weren’t the best run department in the country. ‘Quit F**king With Me, Boy’: Florida Deputy Under Investigation After Grabbing Black Dad’s Neck in Video.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office announced the internal investigation into Deputy James Cady, who reportedly has a history of making false arrests, after a complaint was filed by the Broward Public Defender’s Office when the body-cam video emerged last month. The complaint was first reported by the Miami Herald.

He has a history, but THIS time, the “internal investigation” will do things right, and get to the Truth (capital “T”) and serve Justice. Or something. Yeah, I believe that.

A Florida deputy is at the center of an internal affairs investigation after 2017 body-camera footage showed him calling a black father “boy” and grabbing him by the neck during an expletive-filled encounter.

So they will be all big and tough when confronting a man who isn’t doing anything wrong, and has an infant in his arms, but call them to the scene of an active shooter and they will freeze up and do absolutely nothing of consequence. And the Left thinks I should be completely dependent on these guys for my safety.

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  1. Just goes to remind you that just because someone pins a badge on their shirt, they don’t get a halo on their head. Bad apples in every crowd, but the ones with badges absolutely terrify me.


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