Saturday Links

Just One Minute starts things off with Melting Down At The Times. When CBS News (One-time home to Rathergate) is correcting your stories, you are at least a little bit off-track.

Gun Free Zone – Tell me again it is the loose gun laws that cause the problems in Chicago. A gang-related revenge killing.

Kidnapping and executing a nine-year-old boy isn’t something that happens because of lax gun laws.

From the Barrel of a Gun – Weapons of War. They are all weapons of war.

The Other McCain – Empowering Women. Not that the feminists will be happy about how.

Pushing Rubber Downhill – SNL – Hire a white guy so you can fire a white guy. How else can they prove how Woke they are?

Babalú Blog – Republican Cuban American doctor in Wisconsin considering a run for Congress.

Doug Ross – The Climate Hoax in One Photo. And yes, you should click thru to see that insanity.

Claire Wolfe at Living Freedom – Where are the wise ones? And do we really need ’em anyhow? On the demise of the tribal elder.

Earthbound Misfit – Don’t Believe the Hype on Colt.

Tuna from Chant du Départ has a somewhat rambling post that is still worth your time. Worth the Fight.

The Daley Gator – Why don’t murder suspects walking around free bother Beto? Bail reform?

The Other McCain again – Who Is Raping Whom? What data from clearing the criminal justice DNA backlog actually says about serial rapists. And other fun facts.

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