A COVID-19 Musical Interlude? Sort of. Given that we’ve all been locked up or locked down or whatever it is, I guess it is not surprising that artists pull inspiration from these circumstances. Amaranthe has done exactly that.

As for an explanation of Amaranthe, I will steal shamelessly from myself

Amaranthe is a bit hard to categorize. Some Death Metal. A touch of Beauty and the Beast (the Gothic Metal sub-genre, not the musical). Some call them Metalcore (a mix of Metal and Hardcore Punk), some call them Melodeath (Melodic Death Metal.) A lot of their stuff has a distinctive pop flavor, I think that comes from the nature of Elize Ryd’s voice. They have 3 vocalists, to cover all those bases.

Amaranthe is Nils Molin doing clear vocals, Elize Ryd singing soprano and Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson doing “harsh” vocals. Morten Løwe Sørensen on drums, Johan Andreassen on bass, and Olof Mörck playing guitars and keyboards round out the group.

This song is “Viral” by Amaranthe from their upcoming album (October 2nd) Manifest.

And I do really like being tied into the new music, especially music that I love.

So is this appropriate for the Holiday weekend? Probably not, but then the holiday weekend hasn’t been the best.

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